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To exit the service mode, seeking with + P appears on the device label "SERV", and then press the power button the machine.
1.Nastroyka geometry of raster
Included in the service menu, press + R-configuration option is selected raster [Table 1} and change the value with + VOL-.
Served on the device screen test signal. If the value of the service step has been changed, it is necessary to remember at this point. This mode is suitable for NVM.
2.Izmenenie signal processing parameters
Included in the service menu and the buttons + R-configuration mode is selected NVM.
7.8 then use the remote control set the desired address, and use + VOL-, O, 1, 9 alter its content. Address values and their contents are in hexadecimal.

AIWA TV-A215, TV-C142

: CPU M37220M3-150S.
To activate the test mode, press the hidden button on the remote control buttons located between 8 and SYSTEM. (Under false panels)

To cancel the test mode, use the same button again.
After replacing the memory chip to perform the following. Use the remote control type RC-6VT06. 86-LB4-951-010
1. Press the TEST button to activate the service mode.
2. Press DISPLAY on the remote control and make sure that the screen is the same as in Figure 1.
Figure. 1.
3. Press the CHANNEL button on the remote control, then move the red marking on the K3 and set the data as shown in Figure 2 using the VOLUME +, -
Figure. 2.
4. Then move the cursor to the K4 and set the data as ris3
Figure 3.
5. Press DISPLAY, and then press FINISH (hidden under the false panels)
6. After appearing for a few seconds on the screen, the power automatically turns off INITIAL.
Entering TEST MOD-click on the TV + and - buttons, hold them, turn on the TV.
Exit - Press in POWER.


AIWA TV-C1400 (CP-005)

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