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1. Press the 91-th channel.
2. Sharpness - output to 0.
3. Press the button on the remote in this order:
Skip (R) - Move (G) --- Menu
This will open the service menu



This mashines contains diagnostic functions. If an error occurs in the standby mode (1), the indicator will automatically begin to flash. Description of self-diagnosis function is in the instruction manual.
In standby mode, the indicator will flash a number of times, which translates to a probable source of the problem.
The remote control can be used to analyze the data.
In case of errors in standby LED will flash a number of times to indicate the possible cause of the defect. If there is more than one error, the LED will identify the first of the problem areas.
The results for all the following diagnostic items are displayed on the screen. It is not considered an error if the screen displays a "0".
3. Stop in the standby mode.
Turn off the power switch on the TV or disconnect the power cord to go into standby mode.
The LED flashes.
4. Self Screen Display
For errors with symptoms such as "sometimes turns off the machine" or "sometimes the screen goes blank," which can not be confirmed, it is possible to bring to the last event of failure on the screen for confirmation.
[Ensure the screen test]
In standby mode, press the button on the remote control series in rapid succession, as shown below:
Display / Channel 5 / Volume / Power / TV

Adjustments to this model can be performed using the supplied remote commander RM-Z5200.
A. Getting into Service Mode
With the unit in standby mode, press the following sequence of buttons on the remote control.
'TT -' will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.
Other information on the status will be displayed.
B. Press the "menu" button on the remote control to get the service menu on the screen.


The screen displays only 8 points in the same time.

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