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To switch to the appropriate item to switch the channel up and down.

D. Press the left / right keys or the ENTER button on the remote control to enter the desired item.



3-1. Entering the service menu.
Adjustments to this model can be performed with the supplied remote commander RM-Z5200.
A. INPUT in Service Mode
With the unit in standby mode, press a sequence of buttons on the remote control.
'TT -' there in the top right corner of the screen.
Other information on the status will be displayed.
B. Press the "menu" button on the remote control to get the service menu on the screen.


. The screen displays only 8 points at one time. To go to the application of the relevant item up and down buttons
Remote control.
D. Press the left / right keys or the ENTER button on the remote control to enter the desired item.


AIWA VX-G140, VX-T147,

Processor: OEC6044D.
Programming memory:
When replacing the permanent memory, it is advisable to use pre-wired chip.
Necessary initial setup in certain memory locations are made as follows:
1) Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button on the local keyboard TV.
2) Press the 6 button on the remote control.
On the screen there message: INIT 01 CB, where the 01 - cell address; CB - cell data.

  • Press the SET + or SET-, alternately selected memory address 01 ... 63 (the position of a cell address flashes).
  • Press ENTER to move to the cell data (position data pulses).
  • Press SET + or SET-enter such data values:

01-CB 22-00 43-3A
02-91 23-00 44-80
03-09 24-04 45-80
04-80 25-FF 46-80
05-88 26-1F 47-00
06-AD 27-00 48-00
07-00 28 49-EE-FF
08-00 29-E5 50-50
09-00 30-7B 51-0F
10 - 00 31-4F 52-1D
11-00 32-20 53-1D
12-00 33-4B 54-05
13-00 34-17 55-BA
14-00 35-53 56-80
15-00 36-60 57-0E
16-00 37-0A 58-54
17-10 38-00 59-00
18-00 39-08 60-00
19-00 40-C2 61-00
20-00 41-80 62-00
21-00 42-80 63-21

  • Press ENTER to move to the next memory location.
  • Storing - TV to STAND BY.

Programming is done in memory counter reset time television. To do this, turn off the TV for 30 minutes, removing the plug from the outlet or discharge of the capacitor C101, turning off the TV.

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