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Enter the service mode is possible in step - Warning! :
1) The sound level to remove the minimum.
2) Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button on the local keyboard.
3) Press the 9 button on the remote control.

  • You will see one of the six service submenu. Set of adjustments

standard parameters - AGC, geometry, balance, OSD.

  • Selecting buttons 1 ... 7 remote. Button 7 - transition from one submenu to another.
  • Changing the value of the buttons VOL UP / DOWN.

The output of the service:
Press the 8 button on the remote.


TV-A2110, TV-A2115, TV-A2118

. Processor - TMP87CP38N.Pult - RC-6VT06.Nazhat button «TEST»
on the remote. Output - off switch.
VX-G140, VX-T147.Protsessor - OFC6044D. Remote control - staff. Log in
service is available for zeroing
time counter TV. To do this, cut the power supply to 30
min .. Necessary to enter
set the sound to a minimum, press and hold the «VOLUME DOWN» on
front panel, then
press "9" on the remote. Exit - Press "8" on the remote control.
VX-G143 Entry into service is conducted as follows:

  • Turns off the network for 35 minutes.
  • Includes the unit and the sound files to the minimum.
  • Press simultaneously for 2 seconds VOL-on TV and 9 on the remote.
  • Vehicle entered the "Adjustment mode"


AIWA: TV-A2110/15/188

, Percent.: TMP87CP38N-xxx.
All adjustments in the service mode, done with the help
standard remote control RC-type
6VT06, which included models
TV-C142/86-LB4-951-010 firm AIWA.
Mode Aging Mode:
Aging Mode mode is used in the production process for
Warm and adjust the TV. In
During operation, in this mode, you can define
the configuration of features AFT, and
also determine the actual operating time TV function HEX.
1) Turn on the TV.
2) Press the TEST button on the remote control (hidden under the false panels)
The dialog box on the screen.
In the Aging Mode TV can work without power at its input
a signal, in this case
must click Auto Power Off.
If the opposite occurs AFT setting inscription IN, this means
that the setting is optimal.

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