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If the frame HIGH or LOW frequency deviation means vverz
or down accordingly. Inscription
OUT means the absence of an input signal at the antenna socket.
Time value of TV (HEX) is displayed in schestnadtsaterichnoy
form. In case of excess
value 7FFF (32768) is avtoobnulenie counter. If
you need to force reset
counter, click FINISH remote.
Adjustments in service:

  • Press the TEST button on the remote control. TV enters the Aging Mode.
  • Select the adjustment menu with the buttons CHANNAL

On the screen there respective menus, such _ris. 3.
Where the 14 - item number reg. parameter.
H POS - name.
OA - value.

  • Select Reg. option buttons CH + / CH-on the remote control.
  • Change the values by pressing VOL + / -.

Button-0 disables the vertical scan (used in reg.
accelerating voltage).
Settings, adjustable in service mode: _ris. 5 (in parentheses
gives the values of the parameters for the model
If a feature is not regulation, for example - H
SIZE (key 28), then this parameter
should be set to 00.
The model TV-A2115 is an option, system configuration TV. For
its activation is necessary, in the mode of
Aging Mode, press the AV MODE. The dialog box on the screen _ris.

  • If you need to modify the existing configuration TV

just press the button 8 (SH4).

  • Moving from 0 to F and back buttons is CH + / CH-.
  • Changes in the values of settings buttons VOL + / -.
  • Storing click TEST.

The output of the service:
Turn off the TV from the network.


To enter the service menu using the keys of the remote control, which are hidden under the false panels console.
First button "TEST" sought the right to "0".
Button second sought the left of the "SYSTEM", and a button "FINISH"
To enter: - Press "TEST", starts with the mode "Aging mode".
Push the "CHANEL" to get into the "Adjustment mode", a mode for settings.


TV AIWA: TV-A2110/18/15,

Processor: TMP87CP38N-xxx.
All adjustments in the service mode by the use of a typical remote control type RC-6VT06, which is a set of delivery models TV-C142/86-LB4-951-010 Corporation AIWA.

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