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Mode Aging Mode:
Aging Mode mode is used in the manufacturing process to heat and adjust the TV. In the process, in this mode, define
You can set the function loyalty AFT, as well as the actual time of the operation to determine the TV, HEX function.
1) Turn on the TV.
2) TEST push button remote control (hidden under the false panels). Window will appear on the screen.
In the Aging Mode TV can work without inputting any of its signal, in this case, should push the button
Auto Power Off.
If an inscription IN AFT setting is displayed, it indicates that the setting is the best. If the frame or LOW HIGH denotes frequency deviation up or down accordingly. Caption OUT
denotes the absence of an input signal at the antenna socket.
The period of the TV (HEX) is reproduced in
hexadecimal. In the case of the superiority value 7FFF (32768) avtoobnulenie counter made. If you need to reset the counter force, FINISH button push on the remote control.
Adjustments in service:
TEST push-button remote control. TV mode enter Aging Mode.
Election-menu adjustment buttons is implemented CHANNAL
On-screen menu there appropriate, where 14 - the number of positions to be adjusted.
H POS - its name. OA - the value of the parameter.

  • Choice of adjustable parameters the E CH + / CH-on the remote control.

Changes in the value-E button VOL + / -.
Button 0-off vertical refresh (used when adjusting the accelerating voltage).
The parameters in the service mode adjustable: _ris. 5 (in parentheses
given values of the parameters for the TV-A2115modeli).
If there is no any adjustment function, for example, - H SIZE (key 28), then this parameter should be set to 00.
In the TV-A2115 model option is available, the system configuration set.
To activate it is to be, in the mode of Aging Mode, push button AV MODE. A window will appear.

  • If you want to make changes to the configuration of the existing TV, should push the button 8 (SH4).
  • Transfers from 0 to F and back button takes E CH + / CH-.
  • The change in attitudes E button VOL + / -.
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