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  • Storing click TEST.

Exit from service: disconnect from network TV.


TV AIWA: VX-T147, VX-G140,

Programming memory:
When changing the memory constant, it is necessary to use a pre-wired m / c,. Initial setup necessary in certain memory locations are made as follows:
1) Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button on the local keyboard TV.
2) Press the 6 button on the remote control.
On the screen there message: INIT which means 01 CB: CB - cell data, 01 - cell address.
Button-pushing SET + or SET-, alternately selected memory address 01 ... 63 (blink cell address).
Push-button ENTER to move to the cell data (position data pulses).

  • Press SET + or SET-data enter the following values:


  • Push ENTER button to go to the next memory location.
  • Save to memory - TV STAND BY translate.

The programming procedure is performed in memory counter reset time TV. For this TV should be turned off for 30 minutes, pulled the plug out of the socket or capacitor S101razryadiv, with off TV.
Log into the service menu can execute a statement -
Attention! :
1) The sound level at a minimum install.
2) Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button on the local keyboard.
3) Press the 9 button on the remote control.

  • On the show one of the six sub-suppliers. A set of standard adjustment parameters - geometry, balance, AGC, OSD.

Selecting the button-E 1 ... 7 remote. Button 7 - moving from one menu to the other.

  • Change the parameter button E VOL UP / DOWN.

Get out of the service: push button 8 on the remote.


TV AIWA TV-14MT11R, chassis 12.6.

Sticker on the CPU: AIWA 12.6, video processor NN5198K.
To this "miracle" in the set to the store there was a remote SONY RM-W100.
Stereotyped methods enter the service menu for 6.12 will not do.
With a TV following an accident:
No catches no program is not transferred to AV, small size of lines, a large human resources (evident in the graph).

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