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Maybe, who met with the "miracle", help the firmware or access to the service menu.
On driver must enter the "Picture mode", then enter the code 7412. Colored buttons - Select submenu.
0 - exit.

TV AIWA TV-SE2130EZ, entry into service mode.

English translation:
To improve the "walkthrough" for the setting operation in the service mode, we have added an additional step, as it is written below.
Correction (add red)
Step "№ 3" played in red to begin the procedure.
1. Use the number buttons on the remote control to put the channel number Pr91.
2. Sharpness put on screen display to 0.
3. Push the MENU button on the remote twice to return to normal.
(Pr91 channel appears on the screen).
4. Push the button on the remote control in the following order:
Skip (R), then Move (G), then the menu.
There the following menu on the screen apparatus (in the menu can click on the "P /" button on the remote).
5. To complete the service menu, push the MENU button on the remote control or the switch button on the TV or remote control.

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