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AIWA 1402, 2002KE, 2102KE

CPU TVP02066 D05 \ 04: Input 7 CPU TVP02066 controls turning the service menu. On-board unit is normally open button «S009», if you click on this button together with the call button on the remote machine, it will enter the menu service.
If the button is not present, close the pin 7 to ground and simultaneously press the «DISPLAY» on the remote.
Family of vehicles "Aiwa 1402, 2002, 2102ya - one of the first representatives of television equipment middle class, where the beginning was to use a digital television signal processing (excluding radio).
Digital signal processing unit of these devices has only three chips: IC701-performs basic signal processing, IC703 - a control processor, IC706 - decoder SECAM. Digital node controls the main processor IC001.

Mode settings of the device are stored in the memory chip IC002.
On the chassis of the machine is only two variable resistors: VR101, regulates the level of the AGC and the VR301, the control center the image vertically.
Most customization of devices - correction of raster mode decoding color settings and others - can be done in the service mode.
Thus greatly simplifies the process of adjusting the machines in their production as well as in the operation, especially after the repair or replacement of individual units
To enter the service menu, the Control Point device soldered button (pin 8 * microcontroller IC001 type TVP0266D05/04 on the case).
Unit is turned off newly installed press the button and hold it for as long as you do not press the call button on the remote control (RC).
On the unit's display to see the inscription "SERV", which indicates the occurrence of machine in service mode.
The desired parameter is selected with the + P, the parameter value is set with the + VOL-. To save the settings click on the remote control button P <->. You will see the device must first see the inscription "MEMO" and go out after a while, indicating that the newly introduced memorizing parameter.

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