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Ingredients: processor TDA9381, memory 24C08, personnel LA78040.
How to enter the service menu. Or, can someone firmware
ready to eat. Search not found. Version of the processor to death
glued. Native is not too remote. Must be corrected
(Click to enlarge slightly) Personnel and UHF bands include. Before me
put a clean memory or 24S08 picked up to at least
somehow earned. Yes, the RS-5 switches something room
channel, volume, etc. The menu does not want to cause. The ring does not switch channels.
If there is a button on the menu bar, click it, then the remote code 8500. A submenu digital.
Everything worked out. My mistake was that I, as usual,
went from standby. Need of work! RC-5 remote rocks.

TV AKIRA CT-21SK9R, the option to change settings, UHF not.

Ingredients: CPU - LC863324A, video processor - LA76810, memory 24s04, power tuner-XG6VD96A.
After the storm has failed XG6VD96A tuner. Installed
KS-H135.O. No UHF as a service to change the option?
The stresses in the order, 1 output - AGC-3.5V. 2 output
VT-varies from 0 to 32, 3-output provided
UHF connection, connected to - 40 proca output voltage
is a switching function, but does not switch on XG6VD96A tuner.
4 output U | V .5 conclusion H | L. the tuner KS-H135.0 3 output
-UHF. 4 output VHF-H. 5 output VHF-L. Necessary to use
40 percent UHF output, the service menu, but how?
Entering the service menu, TT push two
times menu + mute. Page flipping button to watch
appearance OPTION, in the options TUNER and OPT changed from 0 to 1, and the DMV will appear.


TV AKIRA 15RAP5/Bn entrance into the service menu.

Ingredients: Processor TDA 9351PS/N3/2 / 1804 memory 24s08 CD-STV9302,
Composition tv: Processor TDA 9351PS/N3/2 / 1804
Memory 24s08
geometry is broken, you need a login to the service menu,
Help the guys on the site and searched for AKIRA, and forums in search engines
And found nothing., then Display, then Menu, Mute, and then finally, P.on


TV Akira CT-21FDS1/Bn entrance into the service menu.

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