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Ingredients: CPU 87SK38N-2B46, memory EEPROM 24C08,
The video processor TB1238, SECAM ta1275az, VLF sound AN5270
What is the chassis - no writing on manual A21T01 (TB1238)
Firmware fell off, filled in, all right, but correct
geometry, how to enter the service menu, do not know, tried all ways to AKIRA, comes out.
Getting into the service menu.
1. In the operating mode of the device turn down the volume
to zero, then push and hold the
on the front panel button VOL-, push
button on the remote DISPLAY (with S-unit in service mode switches).
2. on the front panel release button VOL-,
push button on the remote DISPLAY. Secondary to pressure
on the front panel and the VOL-key again
push button DISPLAY (in this case the device should
transfer to the service mode D - advanced service. Taxied to the D
Button E CH +, CH-election mode settings
Changing the values VOL +, VOL-
Adjusted the horizontal alignment of the parameter
HPOS, correction, VLIN, linear vertical -, VSC, size, S HIT.
Firmware in the file hosting seems to curve or the other was a picture tube.
Vyytiiz service menu POWER OFF button on the remote. On etomVSE



CN-ER chassis. Log into the service menu.
Ingredients: CPU CH04T1221, video processor LA76810A, LA7642N, TDA7057AQ, M52472P.
VOL exhibit -0, MENU click on the TV, MUTE button on the remote for 4 seconds.



Log into the service menu TV AKIRA-CT-29FSAn chassis (5P60)
Processor: TDA9384PS/N2? 3I, memory: 24c08, tuner - XG6VS96A
Successively press on the remote control (CLOCK> PM, potomTIMER). Exit is written that DISPLAU. But I turned the sound off button.



Entering the service.
Single-chip TDA9386PS/N3/3-this is the first line, P1WWY - the second and all!
Memory 24S08, sound TDA9874.
Client disconnected for a long time in the DR, and when plugged in, it turned out that the machine is now no sound. The picture is good, but instead the sound with sly little rattle as if the sound system is not attached properly. In the menu system vary, but the sound is still there.

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