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on the remote control, it is also the translation mode menu.
Remote chip SC7461-103 (legs 2 and 16).



10.3 Chassis, 90 °
. Apparatus MONO.
Turning off the child lock: Press the UP and DOWN buttons
together on the side of the TV and then turn on.
You will see SERVICE MODE. Do not press any button, just
Turn off the machine.
Enabling the service menu: Push together the UP and DOWN
button on the TV control panel, and then turn it on.


TV AVEST 54TTS-02 \ 09 \ 39.

TCL M5V-1P \ 87CM38N-1E75.
Enter the service mode: push the button VOL-panel TV
at the same time and on the remote control Displey.
Hold the button until the letter S on the machine.
To navigate the menu, use the MUTE. Exit POWER OFF.


TV AVEST 54TTS-02/88/16/90.

Microprocessor TCL A02V-01T/87CM38N-3GP2.
Enter the service mode: - simultaneously press the VOL-
on the TV and Displey on the remote control. Button to keep
before the letters on the TV screen D. To navigate the menu, use the
MUTE. Exit menu POWER OFF.



Enter the service mode: push the button VOL-panel TV
and not letting her Displey press on the remote control until you see the symbol on the D
screen TV. Release the button VOL-.
Jump to service menu - digit channel numbers on the remote.
In any of the sub-menu options on the transition buttons P + P-Adjustment
options button V-V +.
Exit the service POWER OFF.


TV AVEST 72TTS-02PS16/06/90/86, 64TTS-02PS90/88,

Microprocessor TMP87PS38N/M13VR2V1.
Enter the service mode: - VOL-button on the TV panel, press
both Displey on the remote control. Hold the button to
D symbol appears on the display unit. Navigate through the menu
button MUTE. Exit the service menu POWER OFF.



Control Processor
LC86F3548A 1J1.
Enter the service mode: Menu first - simultaneously press

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