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the menu setting
No change of the fourth paragraph of languages.
It was possible by using the (VOL) on the machine and the buttons (DISPLAY) on the remote control. There was the letter S. In secondary pressing the letter D. Use the volume buttons there five lines. Press the TV / AV changes the color of the raster, there are squares.

Press the TV / AV button on the remote control to change the color of the raster, there are squares, vertical stripes. With the TV / AV button on the unit size is reduced by half and the raster horizontal stripes.

Use the volume buttons appear five lines:

03 USC
SRY 07
SBY 07

With Prog DOWN buttons and Prog UP button on the remote control to switch to the data line.
mode1 35
mode0 A6
mode2 4D
mode4 60
mode3 00
Russian language appeared


Login to service the TV BBK LD2213SU.

Ingredients: MST9U19B-LF.
Defect-five minutes off in any mode. I want to make
full reset.
Connect the power supply new, lamps, inverter, glass cut off - does not change the situation.



TV Avest 51tts01 enter the service menu.

Processor LC863328A-5W63 can not get into the service menu.
The control non-native, from Jinlipu teardrop on a chip.
Less volume and recall fails ...
Tell us how to make a button factory.
The defect is: steady light factory and a test cross is included ...

 Avest 51tts01
In this remote "drop" is not made as usual, on top kontaktikov under "planarik" so way "spear" abridging coppers, you can enter. In the native RC - 2-16 finishes.



LCD TV BBK LT1919S, enter the service menu.

LCD TV BBK LT1919S, tell us who know how to enter the service menu.

The defect images with no wells in the AV picture is normal, the sound is normal.

Login tried:
Connect the TV, hold the button MENU, push the button on the unit Stand by, then let go.

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