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to put pressure on the connected device simultaneously press "SOURCE" and "MENU".

to put pressure on the connected device simultaneously press "SOURCE" and "OPEN".

LT3209S/3709S/4005S MTK
1. connect the TV to the operating mode.
2. Hold your finger on the button "CHЎ", touch the button «VOL -».
3. To exit from the menu to turn off the TV.

1) at least turn down the volume;
2) turn off the sound;
3) In the space of four seconds combination dial "921016";
find yourself in the main menu.
To adjust the colors:

  • Push the button Exit;
  • To press "2";

After the adjustment:

  • Push the button Exit;

To exit the service mode, push the button "5"
1. open the main menu, use the MENY with the remote control.
2. menu to select the sound using the Up / Down
3. choose the item balance
4. Press 0, 5, 3, 2.
1.2 To enter the Factory
a. From the remote control RC (remote control)
1. Press the "M" and enter the factory mode.
2. Press the "Menu" button and enter the factory OSD.
3. Press "CH +" / "CH-" button, select the menu options, press the "VOL +" / "VOL-" type
The selected function menu. Press the "VOL +" / "VOL-" button to adjust your menu.
4. Press the "M" button to exit factory mode factory OSD.
b. With the RC member
1. Power TV On
2. Press the Menu button and the menu by OSD
3. Select Audio-> Balance
4. When the balance is "0", input 0 -> 5 -> 3 -> 2 in the sequence.
Note: If necessary, repeatedly press the number keys.
5. Service appears.
6. Press the standby button, the TV will turn off and on to get out of servisa.menyu.


how to enter the service menu LCD BBK LT2003S ..??
In the operating mode to press "MENU", and hold, push the power button, hold for three seconds "POWER". There will be a service menu.



Go to the service menu

TV BBK LT 2000S.

Ingredients: CPU MST718, Audio TD7266SA, NICAM STV8216, wells JS-6H2/T1.
How to come into service LCD TV BBK LT 2000S (21903-4 chassis)? Please fix the white balance (too much blue).

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