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Sought, as is done. In the connected state synchronously to press the button on the TV (side panel) SETUP + SOURCE. Find yourself in the Factory menu
Panel type the value of AU-20-V4 may change V5 ...




Chassis FM451.20. No Trim menu.
Nope Trim menu. The remote seems to be native. The names of the remote is not. On
According to the owner of the TV remote control before been arranged for all programs. Probably hotel connected mode - true, little is permissible - adjusts the volume to maximum. Mikroprotsesor-XC411867P. Does this unit such rezhim.Esli available, how to turn off?
If the chassis is.


Keep the little button (i) on the remote OK - then look for the setting.
May happen, but the machine just out of luck! The menu is not called, with poioschyu (i). Tip was true - this chassis CUC7350. Tried
it gryundikovskim remote control - even TP720.V service menu through (i) also does not want to go. Universal MAC-2000 - with - 2-P / C button
first entered the gryundikovskie TV (Code - 1138) - this does not leave. I downloaded the firmware CUC7350 - with this TV will fit, but the menu and adjust the service menu in any.
Pull out the setup menu and go to the service menu came out, recorded only when the memory-FFFFFF-. Freely entered into the service menu and disabled -
Lock Mode Channel Set. Prior to this firmware downloaded cuc7350. As I said, pull out the menu and go to the service menu on it, too, did not come out - it seems that it is also written to the connected Hotel mode.
Adjust the contrast, brightness, sound work, but by pressure (i) remove the adjustments menu contrast, brightness, sound was not feasible as long as it wrote down (FFFF). Also through (P / C) was not feasible to pull out on the screen and
menu board tuning channels - also by pressure (i) and keeping to a Press down the button and connect the network to start with,
certainly it off. It was impossible to enter the service menu. Only after registration (FFFF) pressure on the (i) and (P / C) was likely to pull data from the screen are two menus, and also was able to enter the service menu, and there is off, as I said,

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