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Lock Mode Channel Set. How else to understand why the firmware from CUC7350 amiss, but the settings menu and go to the service menu, as well as on the native firmware was also impractical - (I think straight - it was also recorded with the lock mode of the connected channel settings) or microprocessor her when connected recorded tv?
What does the lock channel settings, if you have not had OSD?
Immediately it was necessary to try to establish a clean memory.
I have had the firmware from your friends of this TV, I had some OSD. As soon as I wrote it on the programmer in my
TV OSD is still its not there! Because I was in error! Only after a clean installation of memory arose OSD!

TV Arcelik TV3237 S

- how to get into the service menu.
Processor TDA9345PS/N3/3/1913
The chassis of the "BEKO", however, the numbers on the board did not see any.
You must be logged into the service menu to put the sound system DK.
Came up menu and code 9301.


TV Baier 28MFV, chassis TV4KS

, there is no range of meters.
Chassis TV4KS
Processor ST92195C7B1/MNU
Selector KS-H-1352E
Memory 24C08

TV was going to England in Lithuania (special plug). Do not see the meter range.
Do not get to the entrance to the service. How to connect a range of VHF?
In the service got (hidden button on the remote control in the lower left hand corner).
Press OK to view the lists. Button E P + P-view options. Button E V + V-change option. Button R.R output.
Now we need to understand where things change. The plate of Design V050626 similar options:
Option2 000, Option3 134, AGC Gain 00, Option1 178, Option5 000, Option4 059, ST Ttext 000, etc.
OP1 is 50
op2 is 00
OP3 is 06
ER4 is 27
ER5 is 00
on this driver ..
Options4 changed to 027. There was a VHF range. Other options are to leave the old.


servis mode?
Entering the service menu LCD TV BBK LT3709S.
The reason - a SECAM color is not available over the air, with a color video inputs.
Chassis set failed. Search took advantage of these methods has not approached any .....

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