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2. Final Assembly Line:
A screen and adjust the focus voltage
B. TAGC adjust
C. Adjust the white balance
D. H / V center and 50 Amp set for PAL
e. Minimum brightness adjust
F. V AMP 60 and under shade for NTSC



Login to the service:
Press CLOCK, PM,, TV SET to enter the service. Press the key to the door of 0-9. Select "PROG +" and "PROG-" keys. Adjust using "VOL +" and "VOL-".
Keys. Click the "+" key to exit.
B. Focus adjustment.
C. Get monoscope pattern.
II. TV work in a dynamic status.
III. Adjust the focus knob PPL to get a clear picture.
C. Screen voltage regulation (KEY 0)
D. TV to "TV" mode "Standard", there is no input signal.
II. Pressing the key CLOCK, P.M. in turn, enter the factory mode.
III. Pressing 0.
IV. Adjustments handle FBT, to get the horizontal line of the beam weaker.
B. press another key to move to the normal state of operation.
D. The vertical size and configuration of contact pad (KEY 2)
I. Get 50Hz standard picture. TV expose in standard provisions set 5VSL for half the standard image, adjust 5SCL, to get vertical pillow Pin pictures in good condition, adjust 5VSH get vertical line in the center of the picture in the center ELTekrane in Factory mode.


Akira 11AK19PRO (CT-2155) Press the blue button to enter the menu
press 4, 7, 2, 5



1. login service: Use the service control K10N-C1. Set the volume to a minimum.
Press the MUTE button on the remote. Hold MUTE, press the MENU button on the TV
D until the on-screen.
Each time the red or green button on the remote control transmitter to change the point adjustment BUS DATA.
Service Mode
1. SUB brightness
1. Get the color signals.
2. Set the maximum contrast and brightness to medium.
3. Set the color to medium. Enter the TV to SERVICE.
Select BRTC, by clicking on the adjustment buttons on the remote control transmitter, and a data set of 30 by clicking on the data reconstruction.
TV for 5 minutes in the.

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