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4. Adjust BRTC fuzzy data until the image appears on the high bright screen area and not too dim picture on the low-bright areas.
5. Set brightness and contrast to maximum or minimum, and then check the normal alternation of photos.
6. If the image is dark, when the contrast and brightness set minimum or become bright when set to maximum, and then adjust the BRTC data for a normal picture.



Login to the Service:
6.1.1 Set the volume to 0. Then press and hold the MUTE, press MENU on the TV.
(In this case, S mode can not be stored in the EEPROM. To exit from S
~ off mode back on the TV.)
6.1.2 After the transition mode S, the red "S" is displayed in the top center of the screen and menu1 default. Use Pos + / - buttons to select the adjustment and VOL + / - buttons to adjust it. The corrected data is immediately off and stored in EEPROM
1. Data marked with an "*" have been revised in the mode
Be careful when doing maintenance and configuration.
2. To record in the logo, use the select button for the restructuring and adjustment.
3. The data sheet can be different according to the different models.
4. The data sheet may vary between different CRT for the same model.
6.3 is set with a remote control system software TDA935X, all options can be set in the service mode and stored in the EEPROM.
The data associated with the picture, sound and geometric correction also stored in EEPROM.



1. "Input" and "go" factory methods of operating modes:
1.1. Plant Enter password: (use normal remote control)
1.1.1. Russian television as a condition and click the remote "Prog" key and go to the "6", "4", "8", "3" Repeat the same step "1.1.1." Conclude "adjustmentcondition White Balance" Repeat the same step "1.1.1." Conclude "Factory mode" adjustmentcondition Repeat the same step "1.1.1." Conclude "Factory mode"
Setting condition Repeat the same step, "1.1.1" to exit the function of the plant

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