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Akira CT-14CAS5CP. ETA-1 chassis.

Ingredients: 8891CSBNG6KF8 processor, 24C16 memory, STR-G5653 IP, LA78040 KR, TFA9842AJ ULF, TAF5-C4I23 tuner, BSC59T TDKS, 2SD5023 HOT.
Entry into service: The volume is set to 0, then press on the remote MUTE button and keep it pressed, MENU button on the unit. In confirmation of entry into service on the screen there S.
To exit the service mode to transfer TV standby.


Akira CT-21DSL5R. ETE-3 chassis.

Ingredients: TDA11136PS/N2/3 (PB-01) processor FM24C16pamyat, CQ0765RT FE, TDA4865AJ KR, TFA9842AJ ULF, TAF5-C4I23 tuner, BSC590 TDKS, 2SD1557 HOT.
Login to the service: the volume set to zero, and then press and hold the Mute consistently on the remote, then the Menu button on the keyboard local.
Way - on the remote POWER.


Akira CT-29DR9A. S33 chassis.

Ingredients: LC863320A processor, memory 24S08, 2SC5299 FE, LA7840 CD, BSC25-3802E TDKS, 2SC2553 HOT, TA8256 ULF.
Entry into service: the remote control and close the PIN16 PIN7 a chip - it will SCREEN button. Short-circuit in the remote and PIN16 PIN8 a chip - it will be the FACTORY.
To enter the menu, double-click FACTORY - you are in the menu.


Akira CT-21FD9M. H-704V chassis.

Ingredients: SDA555XFL processor, STR-G6656 IP, TDA7297 ULF, LA7845K KR, NN5198K video, MSP34X0D stereo.
Entry into service: With the remote control -


AKIRA-CT-29FSAN Chassis 5P60.

1. Push the button on the remote control series «SM», a screen with a plus, and CH I / II.
2. Press on the remote control series CLOCK, then PM, then TIMER.
Exit: DISPLAY is written, but I VYKL.ZVUKA button.


But its composition inside not match the chassis.
Ingredients: Processor ST6-ELANE2. VPU STV2118B. Manpower TDA8174, sound chip TDA1905.
Described chipset rather smacks of "ORSON CT-2120".
Entry into service: SKIP, then VOL-, then FINE TUNE, then -.

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