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processor LC863324A
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AKIRA CT-2155, CT-2160

Processor: VESTEL 19V1.0NT
Log in to the service. Press MENU (INSTALL), put the cursor on the "Settings". Then click the successive 4 => 7 => 2 => 5


Akira CT-14PF9, CTF21TF9R, 3Y01 Chassis.

On the remote control, press the buttons in sequence: MENU, MENU, V.WIEV (or RETURN), MUTE. Translation on the menu button is implemented SLEEP.
Exit - MENU.



Entry into service with the remote user: consistently push button CLOCK ---> PM ---> TIMER. Exit -> Display. Remember -> Standby.
Before entering the service nadopereyti from Russian to English in the user menu.


AKIRA CT-14SX9R, chassis 3Y11,

percent. LC86332C.
Here's an excerpt from the manual: There is no way to access the menu natural products, the user must follow the instructions below.
1. It is necessary to enter the menu 'Picture'.
2. Push the reset button channel.
3. Push the power button volume.
After the appropriate action menu manufacturer will be shown.
The user can use the button "Sleep" to modify the menu page of the manufacturer and use the button "User Menu" to exit the plant.



This 5P60 chassis, enter the service menu is:
1. Push button CLOCK ..
2. Push button P.M
3. Push the button TIMER (which is shown as a clock).
4. Exit-button MENU.


AKIRA CT-2155 (11AK19PRO chassis).

Processor - VESTEL19V1.
Push the blue button to enter SETUP menu and press the button sequence 4, 7, 2, 5.



CT-25DS9A/AN, CT-25LS9AE/AIU, CT-25RIX9A, model CT25IUI9A AT / / AN / AE / ATS, CT-25XC9A / AIM,
ST-25NX / AE/9A (SKD) / AN, ST-29FS9 / C / A / MK1AT/ATS / MTS/MK1AIU, CT-29DS9AE/AIU/AW, CT-29LS9A AN / / AE / ATS / AT / MTS , CT-29IUI9A / AN / AE / AT,

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