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CT-29PF9A/AE, ST-29NX9AE/AIU model, CT-29PS9AE, CT-29TK9AE/AIU,
CT-29SK9AE, model CT-29TJ9 AN / AE / ATS, CT-29TW9AN, CT-34DS9A,
ST-29XC9A / ATS / AE / MC 1AM/MK1 AE / MK1 AT/1ATS/MK MK11U, ST-34LS9A/AN,
CT-34SG9AN, CT-34PF9A / AN / AE (SKD) / PF9C, model CT-34TP9/A/ATS on
For the formation of teams of service to make the following improvements
a regular remote control:
for the formation of the team «Screen» bridged pins 7 and 16 of the RC circuit with button;
for the formation of the team «Factory» more bridging pins 8 and 16 of the control circuit via the Advanced button.
To enter the service menu on the control panel at the same time pressed the button VOL +, VOL-and, keeping them connected TV power.
Another option enter the service: after connecting the TV press the button twice on the remote control Factory edited.


LCD Akira LCT-27PBSTP / R. Chassis L27W18-15, 782-L27W18-150A.

The structure includes: MSP3410GB8 V3 782.L37W25-6900 tuner (two pieces) JS-6B2/121A2, Processor: Tmos PanelLink SiI9011CLU QF5381.1A 0550 AD01AD2.
Entering the service of the manual:
Press MENU, then -/--, then 9, then 1, then 8.
Sequentially, one after the other. Then enter the factory menu, press SLEEP, to select page adjustments, exit the factory menu: you press MENU.


AKIRA. Model ST-2025.

Impairment: No adjustment of the canals. Tuning voltage does not change at all the channels 27 in the selector. Suspicion of defect processor SDA555XFL. Television repaired helped rewrite 24S16 memory.



3. Login to the service:
Step 1. Press 12
Step 2. Press 38
Step 3. Press MENU, to cause POS.LOCK menu
Step4. Press the MUTE
Step5. Press the numeric code 1, 2, 3, 8. Then the TV switches to the service, and in the corner ekranapoyavitsya "M".
4. Under the adjustment mode, you can select an item by pressing the "" key and adjust znacheniyapunktov pressing the "" key.
5. When adjusting the default, to restore the previous data or adjust the table as follows.

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