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Akira 21FGP1BN.

Ingredients: microprocessor 87CM38N-3GN5 (87CM38N-2B46), AT24C08 memory, video TB1238AN, KR LA7830, SP 2SC4429, VLF AN5270, HOT 2SD2499, SECAM TDA1275AZ.
Entry into service: 1 method. While working down the volume to 0, then push and hold the button on the front panel VOL -, press on the remote DISPLAY button (the machine enters a S-service).
2 method. On the front panel to release the button VOL-, press on the remote control button DISPLAY.
A second push button VOL-on the TV front panel and push the button again DISPLAY, with the TV to switch D - service extended.
CH +, CH -
election mode settings.
Changing the values VOL +, VOL-. Exit the service mode STANDBY.



Entering the service menu: SKIP, then VOL-, then the AFT, then look for the option UHF only and make "N" through the green "MUTE".
Shows all ranges. Well, with all other geometry and there is clear everything. Exit button (do not know how to curse her) select the contrast, brightness, etc.


Akira CT-21JUl5R.

on the front panel of the TV to adjust the volume to "0". Push the button on the remote control (MUTE) and pull it out push button (MENU) on the TV.


Akira 21PZS1.

Processor TDA 9381 PS/N3/3.
Entering the service menu: MENU 8500.



Processor (on the label) NTDA9381C312A. 24s08 memory. The chassis is not defined. Entering the service menu: select channel 12 on the board, then 38 channel, then MENU, and reaching up to the position POS.LOCK, to press MUTE and 1238.
Exit - OFF.


Akira 29WHP3ANZ. UOC-TDA9384 chassis.

Ingredients: TDA9384PS/N3/3 processor, 24C08 memory, KA5Q1265RF FE, TDA8351 CD, TDA7495S ULF, 2SD2553 HOT.
Entry into service: from the working mode dial: MUTE, DISPLAY, -/--, DISPLAY, MUTE.
1.7 selection buttons in the service menu. Exit - EXIT.

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