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CHANGE instead NTDA9381C38ND (sticker) on NTDA9381 - 7NA (on the label). Replaced one by one.
Entering the service, for some reason, as well as for the UOC-TDA9381 (C312) A chassis.
Push the button "MENU", 8,5,0,0, select a menu buttons from 0 to 9.
Exit: standby-2 times.



Processor TDA12062H1/N1D00, Memory 24C16WP (3,3 v) (Checksum 0A74-AutoProg), power supply STRW6753, Inline transistor D2901, correction IRF630, Manpower chip STV9325, Sound TDA2615, digital tuner. ETA-SF03/12, Picture Tube - 21 "Flat.
Entering the service menu: In the work, quickly press MENU button on the remote, and five times Q.VIEW. Switching to MENU, exit the service TV / AV.


TV AKIRA CT29NX9AN (5N11shassi).

Entering the service menu.
1 - of the disabled by pressing and holding on the TV VOL + and VOL-button to connect the network button.
2 - While working jumper pins 2 and 4 of the connector service CN601 (GND and ADJUST).
On the screen there is the inscription "KWTVA COMPUTER 11-23". Then click the OK button on the remote. There menu "KWTVA SERVICE 11-23".


TV AKIRA 29WHP3 Chassis UOC9384 Exit the service menu.
Ingredients: CPU TDA9384PS/N3. necessary geometry popravit.Vyhod with MAC I know, but IAC net.Kak with remote user password?
All searched and read, discuss modifications in the service menu there, but did not find the entrance.
In the lower set of buttons in the middle row of the upper (the sign almost all erased, but one segment is barely noticeable and resembles a piece of circle time.) In service has come, therefore, it is Clock.Vhod service menu - Clock, PM, Timer .



, enter the service menu.

Microprocessor ST6C-ELAINE2 FLL CODE, video processor STV2118B. The remote is not understood M3004LAB1.Shassi chip, which is a separate memory is not all in the processor. The remote is not hidden buttons, plates with a number on the remote control also can not see. "Menu" button or on the unit or on the remote control is not present.

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