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a. Enter into service by pressing MENU, AV, ANAL buttons at a time, or
pressing SERVICE (to the right of the MENU, we can add a button for easy entry into the service. Click OK, to enter the Service 2.0 and Design mode.
b. To exit, press the PP or STANDBY.
Option1: b4 ---- always set 0
B0 ---- usually set to 0, you can reduce the noise of picture
b1 --- 0 usually set can be automatically revised NTSC hue
b2 --- 0 typically set the contrast, make the picture better
b3 --- 0 typically set the contrast, make the picture better
B4 --- usually set to 0 to increase color
B0 ---- always set to 0
b1 --- MUTE output pin MCU's power to choose. Set to 0 when using the TDA1905 (MUTE = 0 V), set to 1 when using TDA7496 (MUTE = 5V)
b2 --- always set to 0
b3 --- usually set to 0
B4 --- usually set to 0
Only one AV input: b0 = 1 b2 = 0

Two AVS input: B0 = 1, b1 = 1
If necessary, SCART, b0 = 1 b3 = 1
HPOS OSD: OSD left and right position to set 001
VPO OSD: OSD up, and the position of 01
HPOS TXT: Teletext character left and right position
VPO TXT: Teletext character above and below the position
LOGO set:
1 Set OPTION1 B0 = 1.
2 The last point white balance adjustment mode is used to set LOGO is a maximum of 12 characters to choose from. Use the PROG + / -, VOL + / -
Button to change the character. Significant bit is the number LOGO characters, it can be set of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 789ABC
Data above adjustment is recorded in IC002 (24C08EEPROM).
IC002 used in the product line should be well-written data.
If you use an empty EEPROM (Interior data are presented in FF), or suitable for EEPROM 3S10 chassis, it will be initialized (all data in 00) and specific information will be set automatically when you switch the AC power for the first few seconds. The values are as follows:
The order 3S10 chassis (for reference only)
1. Just before the line:
A B + voltage adjust
B. VCO tune
C. If the trap is set for NTSC-M system. This can be done according to FA of your choice. We can customize LC101 get perfect NTSC-M system, the quality of pictures and not a violation of the signal SIF.

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