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Setting different buttons. Buttons 1 and 6 reg. V amplitude,
3 and 8 adjustable V linearity, 2 at (1263) V + position
code 1263
Volume Button
saturation. + service
1 Vamplit +
2 Vpozit +
3 Lin vert-
4 H pozit +
5 AGC +
6 V amplit-
8 Lin vert +
9 H pozit-
0 AGC-
Mute Y zad-
B (green) Saturation start
C (yellow) contrast Start
Volume + Reset (factory setting)
The program - a system of color
Saturation - Y zad +
Volume Button
0 G DC-
5 R gain +
6 G DC +
7 R DC +
R DC-8
G DC-9
P / C Reset (factory setting)
Program + H pozit +
Volume + V pozit +
B (green) STORE saves adjustments
Brightness + AGC +
Saturation + Vamplit-
AV Yzad-


for BEKO entrance to the service - TVT 28162,

processor SDA20563-A512, the video processor TDA4680: when connecting to hold down the buttons "VOL +" and "CANNEL UP", go-switching to standby mode.
To adjust the white balance button press on the remote control saturation, where the position is "AUTO WBALANSE", select it, and the balance will automatically be set. To remember, push the button "OK."



Service menu:
There are at ST6387B1/F1A on 11AK20M-6 chassis:
Consistently for four seconds to put pressure on TV VOL-, then the remote:
PROG, -, TV (window).


protection is removed.

If the BEKO referred to the processor SDA20563xxxxx, then you enter into service, perform any manipulation and come out of it.


TV BEKO 14.1 chassis.

The service can be connected to DC (and thus OIRT) and the Cyrillic alphabet to TXT.
All along the navigation service is clear and does not need to be commented.
Log into the service menu with the remote control service. Pressing the button with the same name --- the entrance to the service, press re --- out. Storing automatically. But ....
If you have a service remote.
If not, then the team for BEKO, the same format produced by any remote control RC-5 (contrast "minus"), and with direct access to the operating regulations.

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