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The device BLUEsky, BS14TI model, CTE AA - chassis. Log into the service menu: 1-pick 75 program. 2 - simultaneously press M on the TV and display on your remote control - hold it four seconds. 3 - then there will sign (S) at the bottom left - click again on the remote display and we are in the service mode.


Log into the service menu and the remote to the TV model BORK SNR2122.

Ingredients: Microprocessor NTDA9381C32NE.
NTDA9381-2NC - Rekord'om used. NTDA9381-7NA same thing NTDA9381-2NA - Falcon, A-2042 chassis, and if I'm not mistaken, the chassis S-2042, S2043. There are analogues and more. TV schedule at Falcon on graphics processor like: (CH05T0102) TDA9381PS/N2/2/1091.
In the service break in two ways. First - Press MENU and the code 8500, the other - jumper legs 11 and 25 encoder SAA3010 (RC-5). Tuner with a range of dvuhvyvodnoy analog bus to the management of 10 and 11 legs of the processor. The output voltage adjustment - 4.
If your processor is described in the service responds that microprocessors NTDA9381-2NC and NTDA9381-7NA same as NTDA9381-2NA - interchangeable - most likely.
The first way - then dial MENU 8500 - all of it! Sokolovsky with help of remote and the buttons on the front of TV: In the "MENU" hit and 8500 on the remote, and there was an "M" red on the screen.
Then the numeric keypad on the "1-9" sub-menu is selected, for example, the number "8" is selected geometry menu, and use the program selection and volume change, and the lines are selected menus and settings, so save the settings by pressing the off button on the remote and all ok! Remote Falcon RC-FX36A, and is suitable SOKOL RC-FX41 with t / t
Model of the remote control to the TV BORK SNR2122 called HYDFSR-0077BKU.



video recorder. BLUEsky. Model CB552SX

, the problem with the sound of DK.
Please advise how to connect the sound of DK in the service menu.
Microprocessor: ORION OEC0113A 2C2.
Memory: 24C08
The video processor STV2248C.

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