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Option to rearrange OB9 to 2C.


TV Bork SPR2982SI

Hisense processor 8857-18857CPNG6C50 how to enter the service menu?
Enter the service menu hidden button on the hand. Batten down the bottom right corner, push the button and hidden near the push button on the remote S-MODE, lead in the match, WITH TABLE MENU


LCD TV CAMERON 2607, the Service menu.

It is necessary to press the VOL + and PR + on the TV and STB button on the remote - it worked!


device CAMERON 29SL40.

Enter the service mode - a mode of operation to press the MENU button on the remote control - then click Q.VIEW six or seven times. Switching sub-menu service is realized or the MENU button 0 - 9.


LCD TV Cameron 3207.

Enter the service mode:
1) VOL. - Set to the minimum. 2) Output to STANDBY.3) on the machine press the button PROG. + And VOL. + And connect with a remote control button POWER.


TV CE-5465 Log in to the service menu?

processor TDA9341PS/N3/A1999
memory 24C08
HR LA78040
How to enter the service menu?
the service menu - the menu button and the code is 6483, then the service menu button ka 1 and when you are!


Television Cameron 21SL60. entry into the service menu.
With the entry into service the TV menu Cameron 21SL60 processor TDA 1207OH/N1/F00, remote RC903A, memory 24s16, frame chip STV8172, sound TDA7266SA.
here is fine.
1. move the TV to standby mode.
2. button to disable the TV network
3. button on the remote to pinch «TEXT»
4. connect the TV network button while holding «TEXT» on the remote control before the image.
5. E button "1" - "9" Diverting service adjustments
6. exit the service menu on the remote to press "OK"


LCD TV Cameron 3207, entry into the service menu.

Name unknown to the processor, located under radiatorom.Vozmozhno internal content somehow understand what kind of device?

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