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Log into the service menu


Ingredients: microprocessor CH08T0605 8827CSNG5DK0, all that scrawled on it. CH-1 chassis.
service menu D.
Setting adjustments plant.
1. connect the TV service menu is being implemented with the help of the native console.
2. To enter the service menu on the unit to put the volume to zero. On the remote control to press the MUTE button and holding it, push the button on the TV MENU. TV will fit into the service menu D.


Login to the service menu of the device

Changhong PF29D99


After a couple years of work happened lowering the value of the raster by one centimeter on each side and vertically. All that is familiar on television and wrote the title theme, it is still under warranty, dissect, respectively, is prohibited.
The sound on zero, then holding the MUTE button on the remote control by pushing the MENU button on the panel.
After pressing this combination in the top center of the screen there is a S and nothing else.
After the occurrence of S on the remote press CAL and get into the service menu.


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