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This is the entrance to the service for Beko:
Option 1: Hold down the TV button (PROG-) (PROG +), turn on the TV network switch.
Option 2: Make a RC circuit legs 10 and 17.


LG (BEKO 12.1/14.1)

on NN5099K
should enter into service. Login: close to the remote 10 and 17 foot chip. Menu will appear.
Column Sound keys + or - to set BG + DK, yield closed again on 10 and 17 foot


chassis S7/S8

Login to the service in their own Beko chassis S7/S8 - MENU, 9, 3, 0, 1.
Exit button TV / TXT.
Login to the service on the chassis with software for S7/S8 Grundig - i (menu), 8, 5, 0, 0. Exit button TXT.
The service is a sound standard (B / G, D / K, I, L) with two options -vklyucheno/vyklyucheno.



Login to the service: MENU 9301



Login to the service: to enhance "Picture Menu"
click the code "9301" (Press "0" to the output). To exit from the service TV / TX button should be on the panel.
During the work on the screen, software version and date written on the bottom right of the screen.



Service menu are entered by pressing 9, 3, 0, 1 key on the remote control when the function is highlighted image in the Main Menu.



Yes ST6387B1/F1A chassis 11AK20M-6:
Consistently over 4 seconds to press TV VOL-then with the remote control:
PROG, -, TV (box)

When it comes to the processor BEKO SDA20563xxxxx then you go into the service, to do any manipulation and exit.



Close a remote chip legs 10 and 17. Entering the menu remote RS-5 with fractional contrast - "contrast -".
Then on the menu control button native E "R +", "P". Hold down both the TV (PROG-) (PROG +) TV including network switch.



This chassis needed service console. You can go to the Mac, with the code 1263, pushing + saturation, the key in the code 1313 (green) store.

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