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Exit the service menu - press the MENU button in the main menu
to return. Choose a topic EXIT SERVICE.
Note Release button VOL +.
Attention ! In the OPTIONS sub-menu item is E2 and E2 Shipping
Second - it is self-initialization . First - it is averaging
All adjustments in the Service . Be one of these options
careful .


TV HITACHI: C14/2122T, C1422R, CL2122R,
CP14/20/2122R/T ... , Chassis : F4x, F2x, F1x, processor :

Table 1 lists the models of TVs , chassis , and
used types of controllers.
All adjustments related to the service mode , conducted with the
Typical remote control type FX700 RCHU or FX701 RCHU. both consoles
buttons have the same location , but the symbol buttons
different ( one button on the remote 's designation as a
words , the second - in the form of symbols .)
Login to the service menu:
1) To activate the service jumper between pins 2 and 3
P701 connector jumper . The jumper must be within
the entire time interval control the TV mode service .

Initialization of EEPROM memory :
After the change to the new EEPROM memory , microcontroller enter
it automatically manufacturing initial parameter values ??.
This operation lasts for a few seconds. If a
every time the TV is turned recording process is repeated in
memory, it may mean that the defective memory chip .

  • you need to press Teletext (UPDATE) see figure 2

and hold it for as long as the TV into standby mode
not pass ( during three seconds). In secondary
TV connection procedure will be done automatically

Adjusting the parameters in the service mode :
On the left side of the raster shown in hexadecimal code
two numbers . The number of first parameter number indicates more -
the actual value of the parameter characterizes .
A full list of options available , as well as production
initial values ??for the various diagonals represented kinescopes
Table 3 .

! After the switch ,'' 1A'' designated , one of three options
follow that instead of a letters stand for:
Contrast Teletext - Text Mode.


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