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Information ( for the processor) on the type of tuner - Ex: 00 - only for
UHF, 01 - multiband .
Information ( for the CPU ) for the application nests - AV: 00 -
SCART, 01 - SCART input , together with a telephone .

Adjustments service :
by-election options buttons P + / - on the remote control or by pressing
SELECT button on the keyboard panel of local .

  • Adjust the value buttons VOLUME + / -.

Burn - in memory at the same time all installations performed
TV button on the remote control .
After saving the message on the screen will display : STORED.

  • Connect button and the 0 button Teletext mode service

are used to switch the serial programs.
Button - NORMAL ( normalization ) to bring value
production parameter is adjustable .

  • Number buttons 1 ... 8 can be used for

control bit value is set by the individual (all
values ??stored in one byte ) .
Button - 1 for the most significant bit is responsible . For instance,
If the byte value FF is displayed , then after pressing
on the 1 byte value to 7F change ( in binary record
this corresponds to 11111111 bytes modification 01111111 ) .

The order of self :
In case of a defect that may identify controller ,
TV will be automatically switched to standby mode ,
and the LED will flash glowing . discovered defect
determined by the number of flashes LED ( error number ), see
Table 2 .

The additional information
Limiting the range of sound adjustment
This function is disabled or enabled.
For connection to perform the following steps :

  • push the button once see Figure 1
  • using a button - or + to set the sound level nominal

kakih-nibud without the presence of distortion.

  • At a time when the OSD information on screen yet , the MUTE button

click .
Confirmation of the operation that will surely display with
right side of the scale of the volume symbol .
To turn off the activation sequence to repeat.
Confirmation of the operation that will surely disappearing
symbol volume on the right hand scale.

Get out of the service: the jumper from the connector P701 removed.



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