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2 . How to get into the mode of correction number 101 ~ 328
(1) supply volume reached to "0".
(2) Press the button on the remote control to switch to standby mode .
(3 ) Press the "TV / VIDEO" on the TV , and while holding , press the button.
(4) Press the button on the remote control to move to the operating mode.
(5 ) TV show service , to exit , press the "TV / VIDEO" button .

I happened to enter the service menu , change the 1 to 0 at 010 and the picture returned to normal, but I can not leave the settings . After turning off the network , everything comes back as in the duty room - all good. How to save settings? And right out. I go out with the remote , pressing on I, it is either standby. The question remained open.

Everything worked out , I press RECALL, then I, or in the duty room , the TV is functioning properly ..


TV HiStar 14C2M15 entry into service mode .

TV HiStar 14C2M15, came from another master, UHF not built on the chassis of BEKO ELEKTRONIK G80.190. Tell us how to get to the service , in the search found a little , but not necessary.
The composition of the TV.
Tuner RS-H- 134
processor SDA555XFL
video processor STV2249C
Found , press Menu and dial 8500 .


LCD TV HITACHI L37A01A, no sound

Composition: CPU GENESISFL8538-LF. Help to get into the service menu, the box has no sound and at low frequency and the tuner , speakers and sound output 100 % working , food is OK.
In VGA- mode , press on the remote ( red ) button , then ( green ) , then (RETURN).


TV hitachi c21rm39s, enter the service menu .

There was no signal from the tuner - flashed again , the signal appeared , now centering on a vertical broken.
Hold Video on TV, connect the network key.


Chinese TV HKC

processor LC863532C, video processor LA76810A, EWE-10512K60625CRBSC, TDKS BSC 26 -1112BN.
Defect: A memory error new memory flashed LA76810A + LC863532C-58E5 (JVC - 14)

All functions , it is necessary to change the size , in the service can not enter


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