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The volume is set to 0 , the menu screen is called with the MENU button on the remote control and code 6568 gain .


TV Hitachi C2140FN.

Processor ZILOG Z90234, memory 24C04, video processor TDA8842.
Press TV / VIDEO on the unit and connect the network switch , and you're in the service mode .


TV HITACHI C21-RM25- 435.

Where is the sound in the service menu ?
Chassis V3AR MCL-437F. After the change of memory chips put into service on the recommendations in the internet options , all is well , apart from the sound. Instead it - background . Anyone know which option in this device corresponds to the sound , and what shall be the code option (s ) ?
The problem with this C21 -RM25. Hands when it was found not to have kept, wiped different firmware . Now both hands does not go for some reason . Blinks four times , there are no settings.
The problem solved in this way : in the service menu, set all on the menu , with options 200 , 201 , 202 do not give change , and the value is not required to deliver. TV blinks four times again , no configuration . Rewrite the memory buffer , and then as written
on the Internet:
firmware changed at 1Fc to 00. Stops blinking , there was setting .
Additionally the service menu has changed position 313 from 01 to 00.
This suit almost Poplavnoi volume control .
Do not know how people got to the bottom of this before , but it worked for a hundred %. Then, however , when it took a bit of geometry adjust , but it's okay .


Log into the service menu Hitachi C21-TF330A

Covered himself with a white balance after the sparks at the outlet.
Unplug the TV button is pressed against the face on TV \ AV and connect the power button again .
Place the stitched firmware , and it will work . Button TV \ AV must be held until there is an image.


TV Hitachi, model CL32W30TAN-300P chassis A-8

- entry into service .
G + / - does not work. The scheme is available. access is required to connect the DK.


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