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On the left side of the screen displays two numbers in hexadecimal code. The first number is the number of the parameter , the second - characterizes the current value of the parameter.
A complete list of available options , as well as primary production values for different CRT Size represented _tabl . 3 .
! After the switch, labeled '' 1A'' There are three further parameters which are designated by letters instead of numbers :
Text Mode - Contrast Teletext .
Ex - Information ( for the processor) the type of Tuner : 00 - only for
UHF, 01 - multiband .
AV - Information ( for the CPU ) of the nests used : 00 -
SCART, 01 - SCART input plus a phone .
Service adjustment :

  • Selecting the buttons P + / - on the remote control or the SELECT button on the keyboard of the local panel.
  • Adjustment parameters buttons VOLUME + / -.

Burn - in memory at the same time all the settings is accomplished with the TV remote control.
After saving , the screen shows : STORED.

  • Button switch on Teletext and the 0 button in the service mode are used for serial perklyucheniya programs.

Button - NORMAL ( normalization) to call up the production values of the control parameter .

  • Number buttons 1 ... 8 can be used for switching the individual bit set value (all values stored in one byte ) .

Button - 1 is responsible for the most significant bit . For example, if the value of the mapped byte is FF, then after pressing the 1 byte value will change to 7F ( in binary notation, this corresponds to a change in the byte 11111111 01111111 ) .
The self-test :
In case of failure, which can identify the controller , TV will automatically switch to standby mode , and the glowing LED will blink.
The trouble is determined by the number of flashes (number of errors ) LEDs
_sm . tab. 2 .
additional information
Restricting the range of sound adjustment
This feature is enabled or disabled.
To include the following:

  • Press the button once _sm . Fig. 1
  • Use the - or + to set the nominal level of sound without the presence of any distortion.

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