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Televisions are collected on a universal -type chassis AK19 . This allows the use of CRTs with different screen size without making significant changes to the scheme. In TVs, memory chips are used to control via I2C. This allows for adjustment of the TV directly from the remote control without having to remove the rear cover.
So if the TV works, but were disturbed consumer characteristics ( change white balance, image size, image centering , etc.) , it is necessary to try to adjust with the remote control.
5.1 Enabling regulation
To set the adjustment , press the blue button
remote control while on the TV menu should appear
Installation of the following form :
Press the buttons in sequence 4, 7 , 2, and 5 remote control. You should see a menu SERVICE following:
Caption ADJUSTMENT ... should be highlighted in white letters on a blue background.
Press the "+" button on the remote control , and the control mode should be activated . On the TV screen should appear
( regulation 00 ) and the scale on which is indicated by the adjustment process .
Left scale indicated by the digital value of the controlled parameter ( can vary from 0 to 63) . Number adjustable parameter is selected by pressing "" or "" button on the remote control . This parameter is controlled by the "+" or "-" on the remote control .
WARNING ! Need to remember before you adjust the numerical value of the control parameter , since any change thereof is automatically stored in memory. This is in order to be able to return to the adjustment established in the manufacture of television.
Exiting the adjustment by pressing the "TV".
5.1.1 Adjusting the white balance
Select adjustment parameter "ADJUST 00 ", "ADJUST 01" or
"ADJUST 02" . The purpose of these adjustments :
"ADJUST 00" - Adjusts the "red" ;
"ADJUST 01" - Adjusts the "green" ;
"ADJUST 02" - Adjusts the "blue ."


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