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An example of such data may be data on the geometrical dimensions of the raster, white balance, frequency of rejection, the state and the duration of the strobe pulses, etc. Other data reveal different functions of the device (the choice of the standard, hotel mode, Teletext Language, a "lock" for children and t . etc.) and stored in the memory cell, called optional bytes.
To access the same memory locations, which are data on the frequency settings on the channels of analog level adjustment (brightness, contrast, saturation, volume, and so on) are available to the consumer and can be adjusted to the customer's request.
As a non-volatile memory used EEPROM (EEPROM). Link memory chips to the main controller is also carried through the digital bus.
If you need to replace a new memory chip, it is necessary to initialize the memory, ie enter some setup data to ensure the efficiency of the unit.
These are the setting data in the ROM of the CPU and transferred to the new memory chip specific to the remote control in the service menu. After initialization, the memory must perform the required adjustment of the main parameters of the machine.
TV setup process in the service menu is largely similar to the setting in the normal user mode, but it requires more skill to master.
Returning r previously described, you can find out the general principle of the control unit. When the TV is in the operating mode to reset all circuits connected together digital bus.
Master reset signal is RESET, after which begins programming the chips. Necessary parameters main processor pulls out non-volatile memory and transfers the relevant circuits.
After programming the desired controller will handle external commands from the console, including the team in control, for example, in the service menu. As indicated above, the relationship between the main microcontroller with slave devices is through a digital bus.
There are many different digital bus, but the most common one is the so-called two-wire bus PC (Inter IC, ie between chips), founded by PHILIPS.

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