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In service mode adjustment of the data is consistent choices for each parameter the line item table menu, which lists the parameters trimmers.
At the factory to configure devices can be automatic, ie values of the first plants can be stored in memory with a computer connected to a digital bus custom machine.
Many models have a current TV program of self with which testing is done all the units system. Once enabled the central controller polls the chip connected to the digital bus.
In case of a defect or damage to poll chip in the tire, the central controller can not get a bit acknowledgment. Notice of the defect site will be displayed on the unit's display or visualized by the number of LED flashes.
In devices ST 63-255 IDTV / LOG (Chassis CUC 1825) or ST 72-261 IDTV / LOG (Chassis CUC 1826) firms GRUNDIG test results are determined by a two-beam oscilloscope by the number of pulses on the bus SDA, counted for the time synchronization pulse on the bus SCL.
The number of pulses would indicate a defective unit. Run the test program is done after pressing the P + on the front of the keyboard device and simultaneous switching on the mains power supply unit.
Starting and synchronization of the oscilloscope is triggered by the SCL with a digital bus.
For example, devices the company SONY (KV-24WS2B/D/E/K/R/V), made on the chassis BE-3D, have a self-diagnostic program, which begins when the digital bus is busy or does not answer the chip request from a central controller .
If the bus is busy, the program will attempt to free the bus again to communicate with the chips. On the defects of this type will be discussed constant flashing of the LED indicator.
When a defect chip LED flashes a certain number of outbreaks in accordance with the number of defective chips.
The phone TC-25GF10R chassis M17 company Panasonic, in the test mode, a check and verification of performance chip option codes. Test mode is initiated after the simultaneous pressing the button to activate the timer OFF TIMER on the remote control button and the weakening of the volume VOL. DOWN on the unit.

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