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Service mode TV

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How to enter the service mode

Log into the service menu is up by pressing a combination of buttons on the remote control provided for this mode.
In other cases it is necessary to close a special button located inside the machine and then press the button on the remote control (TV AIWA TV-2102/2002/1402 KE).
In some models of vehicles provided technological control, employee specifically for service adjustments. In some models, there is the remote possibility of the user to solder a jumper, closing some of the ends of the transmitter circuit and the control becomes a service (TV SAMSUNG, model CK7271WP chassis Z70).
There are other options enter the service menu and subsequent adjustments - it depends on the type of microprocessor and its software version to the factory.
In service mode, opens the possibility of the entrance to the external non-volatile memory cells, which are adjusting data set at the factory.
After repairing the machine, for example, replacing the tube or perepaivaniya memory chip that requires adjustment apparatus.
When you log into the service menu appears on the screen is usually a table that has a list of control parameters, each of which you can select employees for this mode buttons on the remote control and change the size to adjust the selected parameter.
Each parameter can be saved, that is, written from memory controller to control non-volatile memory cell. This is accomplished with the help of an external command from the remote control or stored automatically after the unit out of service mode.

Login to the service TV

AEG CTV 4802 st \ vt.

Ingredients: processor STV8216 220fr vp, memory 2408.
Come in for repair with a larger vertically, and no sound.
STV 8216 microprocessor 220FR VP MLT 22529, memory 24C08, sound chip TDA7053, Manpower chip STV9302A, TDA 9352 PS \ N3 \ 3 \ 1894, HEF 4052 BT,
PHILIPS tuner 3139.
Perhaps its chassis TV2KR-2S-V2Q (LOH)
In the service menu came in size corrected. Log into the service menu is quite simple, it is necessary for the connected TV kontaktiki jumper connector H203 together for two seconds.

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