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chassis no . Customize APCHG .
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processor 195C7PCH OECF008A
video processor STV2247C
sound processor MSP34xx
Chassis unfamiliar. Little need to configure apchg , but in the service menu not looking for this option in an indisputable way.
Color, sound connected and APCHG but do not see. Perhaps it is regulated in some UNIT, but where ?
FINE TUNING menu user does not .
To the control pin TP001 ( near tuner ) to signal to the external oscillator frequency 39.5MGts .

Getting into the service menu ( Gy and 9 ) and choose item VCO COARSE.
Use Gr-/Gr + change value until the screen there OK.
Then choose item VCO FINE.
Gr + button to multiply the value until you see OK not disappear , and then subtract the current value of exactly 5 .
(say, OK if lost at the value 39 , then put on 34 (39-5 = 34))



, chassis PCB8500 Log into the service menu.
Processor SAA5667HL, Videoprocessor VSP9402, Sound processor TDA9875.
Entry into service ;

1. push "MENU" button on the front of the TV , and pull it out
Connect the AC button .
2 . Original remote push button "ST-BY".



, how to remove HOTEL mode .

Child started code , and that almost all ( casually asked to remove this problem .) Processor MICRONAS VCT3833A, subsequent lines on it C4 4186.2F LC F 132454.000 XOCECO.ARA01 XC02.
Insert a blank memory - he wrote . And go into the service menu has become without question. Good feature for the kiddies forgotten on the loose!
Log into the service menu - push button " headphones " , then - \ --- headphones again , and finally , a timer . ( Catch for two seconds ) . Get out of the menu - press the EXIT-OK. He bit off, think and five seconds later included .
Save Settings button - OK. Right after modifications.
Menu selection button MENU. After a couple of pressings yourself in geometry and EXIT. Elects that need , and then flag in hand and drove off.


TV Orion T5532 S1

, the service menu.

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