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(available on the forum) addresses its ports .
If the indicator settings to judge , there is no place for CF .
Decimeters setting start almost from the beginning . noticed
that the first couple of centimeters inhibited indicator movement
slowly .
Try again to flash memory (only vypayal old , and on the other
Experiment )
Firmware helped . Meter range connected , shifted
tuning dial right , the right side of the SCM , left CF. C it perfectly .
That's not all just thank bogu.Pri setting for automatic
Channels APCHG bad works , it does not come back to normal .
If fine tuning potstraivat , in order, all but troublesome.
Tried to change the options in the service, comparing with the old firmware ,
kill time, and no result.
Finally, I figured out APCHG to standards does not hold due to the smaller
Gain SKV. I installed the unit ENV57D13G3 from Panasonic ,
it output IF, an additional amplifier before the filter is worth
transistor . OH blunt and nedotyagivaet APCHG .


TV Palladium 765/325

, the service menu.
Chassis M1000, need input into the service menu for adjusting correction.
Connect the machine power switch , pressing buttons (VOL +) and (VOL-). Push the POWER button on the remote control.


TV PALADIUM 100/16 : 9 DPL

, SDA30C164- 2 processor .

Try Shnayderovsky control : synchronous remote red and blue , then synchronously P + P- panel . Try to remove the jumper on the radio channel on the third output tda4474 .
Jumper removed , everything is fine. Shnayderovsky remote causes the service menu.


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