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unit Orion SPP2122F

Made in Ukraine "Chinese" chassis. Microprocessor:
8851CPNG6N59, quartz ZQ - 8MHz, memory EEPROM - TU24C08CPF, HOT - TT2190, SANYO IC: LA79107NV,
FCC unit LONGSIGN EWE-1053-V 2K80116C, switch AV - 4053, frame chip - STV9302B, TDKS - BSC 25N-0818 (BSC 25-0286GAS),
ULF - CD7522CS, power supply similar 3u01 chassis (trehtranzistorny) and analyzed in the subject: "Processors (chassis 3Y01) LC863hhh"

Entering the service menu:
1. remove the volume to "0"
2. Simultaneously on the local keyboard to press "VOL-" on the remote control
DISP (rectangle with a "+").
3. Exit - Menu on the remote.

MAK MAXIM (2007) "speaks" 1:1 (full line buttons) to the code 1377 -.



Enter the service mode: Briefly close the legs 15 and 23 in the control KR1506HL1
RS-4. Remember settings: ->. <-
Install the web:
1: ON 1: OFF 1: ON 1: OFF
2: ON 2: OFF 2: OFF 2: ON
3: ON 3: ON 3: ON 3: OFF
4: OFF 4: OFF 4: OFF 4: OFF
5: OFF 5: ON 5: OFF 5: OFF
6: OFF 6: ON 6: ON 6: OFF
7: OFF 7: OFF 7: OFF 7: OFF
8: ON 8: ON 8: OFF 8: ON


Chassis 7000, 7300, LT-7500

Turn on the TV, hold down the (MENU). Press (SAT) SA-audio stereo adjustments, LA-audio level adjustment, HSH-horizontal shift EW-horizontal amplitude, PW-parabola correction, TC-corner parabola correction VAM-vertical amplitude, VSH-vertical shift, SC-vertical S correction
WPR-white balance correction, WPG -'', WPB - ", DLY-Luma
chroma delay
Exit: TV


TV Philips 21PV267/39 EVOLUTION AB, it is impossible to go to the settings.

Philips 21PV267/39, chassis EVOLUTION AB video recorder. SECAM available, DK has attached, but the menu is not visible strings program settings. There are options image, options and special. Language is only one Italian.
I think that sticking to the hotel mode. Included in the service menu, but you have not found anything. Firmware found on the site. French and there is also no setup program. As the hotel is obliged to be in memory.

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