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Chassis here is TVCR B.
It was impossible to get it up the menu as long as the service menu is not opened, which you need when you turn off the tape, push and hold for more than five seconds. STOP (vcr) from the control and PLAY on the front keypad.
After that, the service menu will appear, to get out of it by pressing "Menu" on the remote.
That's when it became possible to squeeze into the installation menu, where the possibility of electing our language, Manual and Auto.
Got into the service. If, while in the service menu to press "menu", the display disappears. Secondary pressure on the "menu" is again an indication of the service menu. And get out of the service just switch the TV to standby mode.
I've just recently torment, accidentally found by pressing down the control button to the left to the right at the same time on the remote. The setup menu appears.


login service TV Philips 14PT3782.

Login to the service TV Philips 14PT3782, L9.2A chassis.
Processor SAA5542, the video processor TDA8842.
Entering the service menu (mode SDM): 062 596 series push button and the MENU; then to enter the geometry (mode SAM) at the same time, one to press "VOL -" and "PR -" on the TV.




Processor SAA5297PS/262; video processor TDA8843.
After the change of 8843 to 8844 color automatically turns on, but the alignment of the vertical broken. In this case, two chips TDA8844 from one manufacturer give different displacement from the norm.
How to enter service, or where to find the manual.
From disabled to try to connect the network button, holding pressured on the front panel button MENU, until the LED lights up. Then turn on the remote button STBY.



(CPU OEC6027A (TMP87CH37N3194-9901H)). Entering the service menu: On the front of the TV to press and hold the button'' VOLUME <'' to the value'' 0'', then it does not hold, push button on the key'' 9''.

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