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Enter the service mode: press and holding the button on the panel "Menu", the network included. When the LED glows red - the "Power" button on the press.


TV ORION 325CE TV8250.

composition: Proffesional 7000 chassis.
They called the tune ORION 325CE TV8250 Proffesional 7000 chassis. Remote BQS 519. Unable to enter the setup menu. The "menu" but the picture and sound to be.
Tell me what's wrong. They say that this remote control to set up.
Tuned to the same remote control. In the settings menu entry sticking to the "menu" five seconds.


unit ORION MA2929FL.

composition: Processor VCT3833A, BSC29-01N4022M, MSP3413G,
After the change of BSC29-01N4022M on HR8596 with modification (pinout preroll plus another three turns personnel and 12 volts) to move the stage to the left by 1 cm
Tried all familiar to me from ORION input options in the service - up complete zero. Remote native.
4.1.1 Press the key combination "phones"> "--/---"> "phones"> "clock", to enter the factory.
Make four must be pressed within 2 seconds.
4.1.2 There are three pages in the service menu, use the menu to scroll the page, use the "CH +" and "CH-", to select an item, use the "VOL +" and "VOL-", to set the value.
After adjustment, press "OK" to save.
4.1.3 To exit the service menu, select Tools
XOCECO-50Hz, VCT item and press the OK button to exit.
After the change TDKS raster right shifted by 2 cm. Had to reduce the inductance of a consistent running from 26 to 14 uH. Raster to full screen stretched, but the phase is shifted to the right by 1cm.
With PHILL cure all in service.
Switching between pages button MENU. In the first and second section of the election of the color scheme, HOTEL, LOCK, etc.
When pressed MENU third inscription appears SERVICE XOCECO-50, etc. Pressing P + or P-out on balance, geometry, etc. Changes VOL +, VOL-, OK on the remote storage.
To exit the service menu button E P + or P-. Go back to the SERVICE XOCECO inscription, etc. and we press the OK button on the remote.

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