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ORION TV model MA2929FL

composition: Processor VCT3833A, audio processor MSP3413G, TDKS BSC29-01N4022M.
After the change of BSC29-01N4022M on HR8596 with modification (pinout domotka plus another three HR coil and 12 volts) phase to move to the left by 1 cm.
Tried all the options, I'm familiar enter service by ORION - complete zero result.
Console I own.
After the change TDKS screen shifted to the right by 2 cm was necessary to reduce the inductance in series with the operating system, from 26 to 14 uH. Raster to full screen stretched, but the phase is shifted to the right by 1 cm.
With PHILL in service all cured.
Log into the service menu as PHILL wrote. Switching on pages button MENU. The first and second sections HOTEL, election systems, color, LOCK, etc. When pressing MENU the third time there is an inscription SERVICE XOCECO-50, etc.
Pressing P + P or go to the geometry, balance, etc.
Changes VOL + and VOL-button on the memorization OK. To exit the service menu, press P + or P-SERVICE XOCECO inscription on back, etc. and we press the OK button on the remote.



entrance into the service menu.
composition: 16HO 782 j2151 0100 chassis processor - SDA5555A079; VPU-432Z02; remote RC-R01-O.
A lot of blue in the SECAM, PAL to - well, the balance of the black / white - in order. Finding the entrance to the service in the internet is not found.
You press the button change the image (vertical stick with one and the other side with two arrows), then 9871 (geometry);
same operation 9872 (RGB,) is the same operatsiya9474 (will be an option);
same operation 9373 (the contents of the memory eeprom).



, input is required in the service menu.
Processor TDA9381PS/N3/2/1585 CD7971 P1EPF 52 PDNJ Philips 2003 memory 24C16, personnel TDA8177, raster correction D8145 + A940, HOT TDKS BSC29-3802-20R, D2539.
The unit has a faulty correction.
after restoration (replacement transistor A940 and strapping) adjusting raster recovered, but shifted to the right screen at 2 cm, and the size is increased horizontally.

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