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Apparatus "Chinese", chassis, probably, PH02???
Enter service in 25 and 11 feet - is INPUT 1 and 9 foot - this is beyond the ordinary .... with RC5 on chip 3010.


Monoblock ORION TVR1000MX

entrance into the service menu.
composition: chassis TM9415C, power supply STRF6707, processor ORION OEC0078C
Monoblock ORION TVR1000MX. After the change of tube needed to adjust the white balance and geometry. Requires either manual or login to the service. Remote 07660CH150.
A typical way for similar Orion: push minus volume on the TV and pull it to press on the remote control 9.



Log into the service menu.
Machine ONIDA 14XS Kaliningrad. Entering the service menu.
On the front panel or the remote A / V solid kids to play.
And now TV is not feasible to set up a channel, menu, and volume settings are not reduced to zero, is added.
All other functions of the machine performs and shows.
Probably connected HOTEL MODE function or zaglyuchit memory.
How to enter the service menu?
Now try, SERVICE MODE was.
But the drive out of the state HOTEL MODE (if it has one) I do not work out.
I went into the service: the service menu very sound and volume control functions.
Go out of service, there is sound, trying to adjust, but drops to 0 and all.

Guidelines on the TV there.
as his drive out of position HOTEL MODE
HOTEL MODE simultaneously to press ZOOM and VOL-.


TV Orion TV9207PIP, chassis 7000 entrance into the service menu.
composition: CPU P87C055BBPN, video processor TDA8376, memory 24C04, TDA8350. Horrible German 92 cm 16:9, arrived with a defect - not always included. After the change of electrolytes in the GS on TEA2261 is good, in addition to the horizontal dimension and pillows.
All the food is OK, the correction function. Threw firmware from a similar chassis - raster almost normal, but no SECAM. Needs service.
Search found only the scheme. Remote RC-5 is full. All his service button (ROLSEN, LG, BEKO) tried - no good.

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