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Chassis 7000 PROFESSIONAL:
Push-button [MENU] key and holding it pressured, connect the TV to the network.

  • Hold the [MENU] button until the red LED lights up.
  • Push the [STANDBY] button remote.
  • Quit the service button [TV] remote.

According to my information, click [SAT] - appears set options (OP).


TV Orion MP2104U entrance into the service menu.
composition: CPU - SDA555XFL, video processor - M61262A (planar), tuner - TDQ-6.
First, you push button transfer preset picture modes (two arrows meet, divided into horizontal bar) or just FIX.
Then four inputs, depending on what is necessary - 9872, 9474, 9871, 9373. Output twice menu. FIX button to press to any set of numbers.


TV ORION 28HDA TV788 (Prof.8500).
Processor SAA5667HL/M1/1111.
BQS and other change I know. Important as the time setting with the MAC, because remote host forgot to deliver. With me stogertsovy TV - just not the same TV from 7000.
Got it. Code 1097 for MAC entirely suitable.
When pressed MENU appears menu to set the sleep timer. In this mode, you must push the box with a plus (STATUS) and got to the menu.



to enter the service.
Processor MTV512GMV, chassis JV-V705B-T100A- 01 , then video T100A FP3797-1/3506TLDA2, memory here 24C16AN, as fit in the service mode.
Button menu + power or vol + ch + + power , for example , vol + and vol-+ power> no good.
Be so : CH-, then CH +, CH- , and then nakonetsMENU .


TV Orion SPT2151

- entry into the service menu .
Composition processor VCT 3831A-C4. Stereo MSP34636 B3. Manpower STV9302.
PSU STRW6753. TDA2615. Remote native KK-Y267B.
Vol to "0" does not roll 6 .
Log into the service menu : push once MENU, and then five times to press RECALL.


, how to get into the service , transfer the DC.
Processor SAA5531PS/M4/0329.
The board has a close contact with the microprocessor , inscribed "service " (suitable for leg seven processor ) . To enter the service menu should jumper that pin to ground.

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