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The voltage monitor, which includes a counter,
total length
The potential drop in the output "PROTECT" below + 3V. Every time
Next fall below the level of three volts is added to the period
previous falls, and the total period of decline appears to
end of the
line "POWER".
Time reduction potential on the leg "PROTECT" + 3V less than one
second, equal to 16 units in the number of highlights in a row
"POWER". Since the largest number of the counter is 128, the highest
time voltage drops below + 3V, the recorded counter =
Resetting the counter is performed only when the protection is activated and
turn off the unit, which is accomplished with the loss of one of the
Check the voltage for a continuous period of time = 8 sec. (When
committed reset the counter and at the end of the line will show 000
This number is always green). All other numbers in a row
displayed in red, and at the end of the fourth line
there is a red symbol NG. The following modification of the color
the green and the reset counter will happen again when triggered
and automatic shutdown system.
In the case of three-digit numbers in the red line
You can reset the counter to zero the force and line number
This it will be green). To do this when the connected TV
18 withdrawal of the control processor ("PROTECT") through the resistor 3 ohms.
jumper to the ground for a period of not less than 8s. After 8s. after
circuit protection work and the unit will automatically turn off.
Then you need to remove the jumper installed - (18 foot
3KOM. to the ground). The next time you connect your TV at the end of
"POWER" will number 000 green. Thus, if
"BUS" and "SYNC" symbols will light green "OK", and the line
displayed AUTO TEST: OK.
2. Bus
When tested in normal operation at the end of the data bus lines
"BUS" sign appears green "OK". If abnormal operation three
the last character displayed in red __
3. Synchronization
If the clock rate, the end of line "SYNC" mode

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