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then subtract the value of "RAGC" to fall on indications 0,4V
less than the previous readings of the voltmeter.
The resulting value "RAGC" thus optimally if it is not
increases the noise level.
IV. Adjusting the geometry
1.Podat on antenna input test signal generator c "c circle
cells. "
2.Voyti menu and service with parameters HPOS, HITS, VLIN,
alignment set, and the value range of 280 +/- 2mm.
3.Pri need S-correction to produce raster (such as barrel distortion)
through setting VSC.
V. Setting the white balance
1.Otklyuchit input signals in the user menu and blue background
2.Voyti menu service
3. Set the value GCUT, RCUT, BCUT -80; GDRV, BRTS -CO, BDRV

  • 45.

4. Set the lowest contrast and brightness.
5.opredelit regulator "SCREEN" on the transformer lower case so
the picture became barely visible.
6.podsoedinit voltmeter between ground and foot "G2" on the board
Pomeroy voltage.
7.Podstroit regulator "SCREEN" so diminished at 25V
on the voltmeter.
8. In the menu service value "F6" to determine the parameter "BRTS" and
define the contrast and brightness to the middle position.
9.Podayte signal "black and white stripes" with the generator.
10. In the service menu, specify "GCUT" and "BCUT" at the very least, and
put "RCUT" in average.
11. In the menu the user to put the contrast and brightness
12.Na remote service LINE button to click on the screen is required
line appear.
13.Izmenyaya values ??"BCUT" and "GCUT", to reach the white line.
14.otsoedinit and connect the TV.
15.Ustanovit desired values ??of color, contrast and brightness.
VI. Adjusting subyarkosti
1.peredayte generator with "color bars" signal.
2. Set in the ordinary menu, contrast and brightness to the very
3. In the menu, the service to determine the value of "BRTS" so,
the brightest band was barely visible.

* * *

Grundig 100 Hz

ST70-2010 TOP, gear 22.2.
Memory 24c16.Protsessor SDA5555,
Entry into service:
On the remote native (TR160S) press i, MAIN MENU will arise, then

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