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RC-5 (based on the m / 3010).
Entering the service menu (consistently perform):
1.nadavit SVC button on the remote service to 1/2 (or at the same
while pins 1 and 11)
2. Press the button on the button "OK".

* * *

Apparatus ROLSEN C17R80 Plat

LG Menu alike. Entering the service menu: standby mode,
MENU button on the TV holding, press "0" button on the remote control
Illuminate inscription IF 38.0 or IF 38.9, menu adjustment
options volume buttons, moving buttons
switching programs. To exit the service you need to press
the TV or AV, while changes are recorded in the EEPROM.

* * *

ROLSEN C2112. Service mode.

Installation of factory adjustments.
1. Connect the device service mode is implemented with
Special service control panel.
2. To enter the menu, the service is necessary to press button "D" (mode
service). Then Press "-P" and "+ P" position of service menu
is selected to modify the parameter. Modification
the setting buttons "V-", "V +" is being implemented.
3. Button "p / c" M mode enables. This mode allows you to
Only a limited number of parameters, with adjustable geometry
related, brightness, color, contrast, and AGC AFC. Top
Parameters in this mode, adjustable, have direct access
corresponding buttons and do not require connection mode service
When this button, a numeric value having (e.g., GCUT + 10)
pressing change numerical value, respectively
the specified value.
4. If you need to change more accurately setting the desired button
use "", "+".

ROLSEN C2112 title = "ROLSEN C2112">

If you change the individual elements of the TV you need to make check
service menu options. In this case must make
setting according to the table "Recommended settings to factory"


Test equipment:
1. Oscilloscope
2. Generator
3. Loop demagnetization
4. The high-voltage voltmeter (for measurements on CRT)
5. Ammeter
6. Tester

1. The control voltage supply.

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