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1. Connect a digital voltmeter to TP 901.
2. Set the lowest brightness and contrast
3.Podreguliruyte SCREEN on the transformer lower case
4.Krutya resistor VR901, 112V install the TP901.

II. Adjusting AFC

1.Uberite with legs "IF" solder.
2.Podayte signal "color band" (intermediate frequency
3.krutite core transformer T101 before the pictures
colored stripes "on the screen.
4. In the service menu, set the option "SELF VCO".
5.nadavite button on the remote service "AFT OK". *
6.spustya a few seconds, will appear on the screen "AFT OK"
If the remote service you do not have this button, you can modify the AFC
conventional manner.

III. Adjusting AGC

1.Podat on RF - input from the generator signal (frequency -69 channel
2.Turn digital voltmeter between the foot and the ground tuner AGC.
3. In the service menu option "RAGC" set.
4. Install the "3F" and the current value of the voltmeter reading
then the value of "RAGC" to reduce drop certificates
0,4V at below the old voltmeter. The resulting value
The optimal, if it does not increase the noise level.

IV. Adjusting the geometry

1. The input from the generator to signal the test c "c circle cells."
2.Voyti menu and service with parameters HPOS, HITS, VLIN,
VP50, alignment set, and the value range of 280 +/- 2mm.
3. When necessary, S-correction to produce raster (like a barrel
via VSC parameter.

V. White Balance Adjustment

1. Turn off the input signal and turn off the blue background to the menu
2.Voyti menu service
3.postavit value GCUT, RCUT, BCUT -80; BDRV, GDRV-45; BRTS -CO.
4. Set the lowest contrast and brightness.
5.postavit regulator "SCREEN" on the transformer lower case so
Image was probably barely.
6.Podklyuchit voltmeter between the "G2" and land on the board
Extinct strain.
7. Controller "SCREEN" adjusted so that the voltmeter
the voltage at 25V decreased.
8. In the menu service value "F6" for the parameter "BRTS" set

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